How to submit an event

GeoLing is a service operated by The LINGUIST List. All submissions to the LINGUIST List that have some reference to geo-coordinates, as for example conferences, summer school announcements, job postings, or institution locations, are displayed on GeoLing as soon as they get posted on LINGUIST.

If you have an online calendar where you keep local event announcements for your department, organization, or research group, and if you want these events to display on GeoLing directly, contact us and we will set up automatic updates for your local events using the online calendar directly. You can provide us with access information to such an online calendar by sending us the readable URL that could for example point to a shared Google Calendar, an online calendar that you host yourself, or one that we host for you at LINGUIST List. Please contact us for details.

Adding an event with a location to GeoLing can also be achieved by sending the event information as an iCal of vCal attachment to our email address at: calcard at All submissions are subject to validation and approval. It is important that the iCal entries contain the full specification of the address of the event in the location field. All reference times should be refering to a correct time-zone. You can send such a calendar entry for an event directly from Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, or the common calendar apps on mobile devices.

If you want your institution, research group, or even personal office address to show on GeoLing, simply send us an email with an attached vCard to the account calcard at All submitted addresses are subject to approval and verification. Please make sure that you are authorized to add the address of your institution to the system. You can send a vCard via email directly from Microsoft Outlook, Apple Contacts, or the common contacts and address apps on mobile devices.

Adding an event using the online interface

First, go to Add Event page. You will see the following screen. If you already have account, please log in and skip to the last step (Event Form.)

Creating an account

After creating your account, you will see your profile page. On the top right corner, you will see your user name. Click on it and a dropdown menu will appear. Click on 'Add Event'.

Event form

You will see a form as in the following screenshot. Please fill in the form and submit.

GeoLing has been developed and is operated by the LINGUIST List team at Indiana University: Damir Cavar, Malgosia Cavar, Lwin Moe, and all the editors of LINGUIST List. We are grateful to all the interns and volunteers who helped us with the development and documentation of GeoLing!